Legal issues can arise for anyone at any time. They may be in the form of disputes or everyday business transactions. If you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the related laws, you could easily end up on the losing end of a legal battle.
There are many situations that call for the legal advice or representation of a knowledgeable legal representative. You should never choose a lawyer at random to handle the important details of your business or your family life. When getting the best outcome matters, quality legal representation should be your priority. SWD Legal is here to provide you with the professional legal services you need to get the best outcome possible. We provide services in the following areas:
  • Criminal Law
  • Traffic Offences
  • Commercial
  • Wills, Deceased Estates, and Probate
  • Family Law
  • Child Protection
  • Conveyancing and Property Law
  • Commercial Leases
Many people find the scope of criminal charges shocking. Many factors will impact the potential punishment for your crime if the Court finds you guilty. You need a legal representative who cares about your rights and about achieving a fair outcome.
If you’re accused of a crime, nothing is more important than getting the immediate advice and representation of a criminal law lawyer. The lawyers at SWD Legal understand the fear and uncertainty you feel. We will answer your questions and explain your options to you. The benefit of having an experienced lawyer is that we know what the potential outcomes are for the charges against you. We will help you take the proper action at the proper time for a favourable outcome.
If you find yourself accused of a traffic or vehicle offence: drink driving, driving without a licence, driving while you were disqualified or suspended, or any other driving offence, the team of traffic lawyers at SWD Legal can come to your aid. We’ll advise you about what your rights are, and defend you in Court when necessary. Don’t face your traffic offence accusation alone. We’ll be right by your side.
There are many legal aspects to starting a business, running it, and competing against other businesses in the same industry. SWD Legal provides legal commercial advice to help you make the best decisions for your business. Let us help you with contract preparation or proofing, partnership agreements, debt recovery, and a lot more.
Your Will is your legacy. It states your wishes about how you want your property distributed to your beneficiaries after you’re gone. Deciding upon the legal professional you entrust to prepare your Will and carry out your wishes is one of the biggest decisions you will make. They need to understand the complex laws that go into your Will. At SWD Legal, we have the experience to give you peace of mind that your assets will go where you intend. We know you have worked hard to provide security for your loved ones. Let us help you make sure they have that security—even when you are no longer there.
Legal disputes involving family members are especially sensitive. This area of the law deals with marriage, separation, divorce, de facto settlements, mediation, the division of marital assets, spouse and child settlements, and children’s issues. Family law lawyers are especially useful in situations where there are complex issues and a couple is unable to agree on a solution.
SWD Legal can help you navigate through the process. Our family law lawyers are highly approachable. They offer the best possible legal advice and representation at a time when the last thing you need is more stress.
The legal professionals at SWD Legal serve families in the Warrnambool, Port Fairy, Hamilton, and Portland regions. We know the laws and we will work with you to get the outcome that is best for the child involved in your dispute.
Our experienced conveyancing lawyers can assist you with advice about selling or buying homes, units, vacant blocks, rural property, commercial real estate, and more.
For buyers, we review all of the wording in the Contract so you understand all of your obligations and take care of them on a timely basis. We will help you search for the Title, arrange the settlement with your lender, prepare the Title Transfer documents, and arrange the Stamp Duty concessions.
For sellers, we will prepare your Section 32 statement to ensure the wording is such that it is legally binding. We will also help you through the finalisation process all the way through the settlement.
Managing rental property doesn’t have to be complicated. The agreements between lessor and tenants should be clearly defined under the law. At SWD Legal, we understand the challenges South West District landlords have, from finding the right tenants to recovering for property damage, to evictions. An experienced commercial lawyer can advise you on the laws that impact your property and will create a commercial lease that preserves your rights as an owner.
If you want to enter a lease as an occupier, on the other hand, you need to seek the advice of one of our commercial lawyers before you start the process. Legal terminology can be daunting but we’ll review every clause to make sure you get a fair arrangement.
Whether you’re a lessor or an occupier, you need someone who can negotiate the terms of your lease. We handle the rent, the transfer options, the duration of your lease, and your exit and removal options. If there’s a dispute, we can even serve as a mediator on your behalf to help you resolve the dispute.
Whatever your need, don’t face a legal situation alone when you can have an experienced lawyer at your side. If you need legal advice in any of these areas, call us today on 03 5561 2344 to learn more about our services or to discuss your legal needs. We’re here for you!


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